Life and Ordinary Membership: Any Malaysian citizen of Telugu origin between the ages of 18 to 60 and subscribes to the objectives of TAM shall be eligible for membership, either as Ordinary or a Life Member.

Honorary Membership: Honorary Membership may be conferred by an unanimous vote of the Central Executive Committee on persons who have rendered distinguished services to TAM.

Membership Fee (Subscription)

  • The subscription for an Ordinary Membership shall be RM 20.00 for a Biennial Term which expires by December of the following year. An ordinary member who is in arrears of subscription for a period of 3 months after the expiry date shall cease to be a member.
  • The Life Membership for an Individual is RM 200.00.
  • The subscription for Joint life membership (Couple) is RM 300.00.
  • Entrance fees for all categories of membership shall be RM 10.00 per member.


Application for membership or transfer of membership from one branch to another shall be made on prescribed forms and submitted to the Branch Secretary nearest to the place of residence which shall be processed by the respective branches and submitted to the Honorary General Secretary with recommendations. The Central Executive Committee shall be vested with powers to approve or reject such applications.

Where no branches have been established in an area, the enrollment shall be dealt with directly by the Honorary General Secretary and the Central Executive Committee of TAM.

Privileges of Members

  1. Ordinary and Life members shall have the right to speak, nominate and be nominated at the respective General Meetings of TAM branches.
  2. Any member who wishes to contest for the Central Working Committee positions should have served at least one term (2 years) at any branch executive committee.
  3. A member shall be a beneficiary to all assets of TAM and have the right to take part in all TAM activities for the benefit of members at large.
  4. Honorary Members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office but may participate in all activities of TAM.

TAM Membership & Transfer Forms

Download the Membership form for new membership application(s).

Download the Membership Transfer form if you would like to transfer your membership to another branch.