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World Telugu Cultural Fest 2020 in collaboration with TAM


Andhariki Namaskaaram! We are only 7 days away from WTCF registration closing date and if you have not registered, please do so via All age groups are welcomed to represent the Malaysian Telugu contingent at WTCF 2020. Do not miss this opportunity to join all Telugu communities across the globe in promoting the spirit of Teluguthanam and the glory of Telugu language and culture!

*WTCF 2020 Potilu : *

Bhuvana Vijayam (Model United Nations)

Kalaakruthi (Arts & Crafts)

Andhela Ravali (Dance to the Rhythm)

Naadhaamrutham (Instrumental Music)

Raaga Manjari (Singing)

Telugu Velugu (Glory of Telugu)

Rangasthalam (Theatre Arts)

Soundharya Lahaari (Beauty Pageant)

Mana prathibha ni chupinchataniki idhi oka goppa avakaasamga bhaavinchi, mana Malaysia Telugu aanimuthyaala adbhuthaalu antharjaathiya sthaayilo chudaalani aasisthunnam!

“Veelaithe paalugundham. Poyedhi emundhi, maha aithe gelustham”

Closing Date : 21st July 2020

Guidelines :

For queries, write to

For further information, please WhatsApp/talk to TAM coordinator R Suryanarayana at 0192693547

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All the best!



R Suryanarayana

TAM Vice President/Coordinator

World Telugu Cultural Fest 2020