About Us


General Overview

TAM FOUNDATION, a wing under the parent body of Telugu Association of Malaysia ( TAM ) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization representing Telugu community in Malaysia. It’s primary objective is to FOSTER, DEVELOP and IMPROVE EDUCATION and learning of all kinds by Establishment and maintenance of scholarships and the provision of interest free study loans or subsidies to deserving scholars among Malaysian Telugus and also other races to enable them to complete their education at schools, colleges or universities or to enable them to study or to acquire any skill or trade at any vocational or professional institutions or organizations.

TAM Foundation

We’ll assist Telugu Association of Malaysia in spreading Telugu Education by formal and informal teachings and training’s

The establishment of Telugu Cultural Centers providing Cultural, Moral and Educational Values, Social Welfare, Community Development and Empowerment Programs and services to the Telugu community in Malaysia; assisting the Malaysian Telugu entrepreneurs in developing their potential in tandem with the growth of the economy and any other purpose consistent with its charitable objects.

TAM Foundation’s primary objective also is to SUPPORT, AID and GIVE RELIEF to the poor and needy members of the public, irrespective of race or creed who by reason of age, ill health, misfortune or infirmity are wholly or in part unable to maintain themselves or their dependents by their own assertion in particular widows and orphans, victims of fire, floods, famine, war or calamity and those in need of moral and social rehabilitation or welfare.

Objectives & Values

  1. Education as a means to help people identify assets, capacities, needs, resources, and solutions.
  2. Civic involvement (or participation) to improve the quality of community life.
  3. Internal and external collaborations and partnerships.
  4. The uniqueness of individuals and communities.
  5. The applied and theoretical dimensions of community development.
  6. The development of viable communities through the wise use of
    natural, economic, social, and human resources.


To develop individuals with high moral, ethical and divine values through education and culture and who will eventually serve the community for the continuous progress and development of community and the nation.


To create a centre excellence for all Telugus in Malaysia by providing support in education and finance to the needy at the same time continuously work towards perseverance and development of the language and culture.


A Service with Love