The Association

Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation of the people of Telugu origin residing in Malaysia. The protem committee was initiated in Bagan Datoh, Perak in the year 1955 which subsequently led to the registration with the Registrar of Societies on the 17th of February 1956 as “The Andhra Association of Malaya” vide Registration Number 631.

On the 16th of December 1963, it was renamed as “Malaysia Andhra Sangamu” which was then subsequently renamed as “Telugu Association of Malaysia” on the 22nd of October 1983.

In the continued efforts to safeguard cultural identity, heritage and preserve the Telugu language, Telugu Association of Malaysia has todate established 30 branches nationwide and currently represents approximately 500,000 Telugus in Malaysia.

TAM Profile

Members of TAM come from all walks of life including professionals and entrepreneurs. 

TAM has been humble to host the 2nd World Telugu Conference and TAM Silver Jubilee Celebrations in the year 1981 in Malaysia.

In the year 2006, TAM hosted the Telugu International Cultural Conference and TAM Golden Jubilee Celebrations, marking the Association’s 50th year Anniversary. 

Further, in the year of 2010, TAM was fortunate to have the Prime Minister of Malaysia in attendance to a mega event titled “An Evening with the Prime Minister” at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (P.I.C.C). 

In the year 2013, TAM had the opportunity once again to host the 10th World Telugu Federation Conference in Malaysia. 

In 2014, Telugu Association of Malaysia through its Youth Wing successfully completed “The longest nonstop Dhaatubhajana Performance for 24 hours” thereby etching its name in the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR). 

In 2015, Telugu Association of Malaysia through its Kelana Jaya Branch made its way into the Malaysia Book of Records again by performing Kirtanas using the most number of diverse musical instruments during the Tyagaraja Fusion Concert (TFC 2015).

Subsequently, in 2016, TAM organised the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations marking the Association’s 60th year Anniversary.

More recently, Telugu Association of Malaysia through its Women’s Wing organised the World Telugu Women’s Conference in 2019. 

TAM also adopts a tradition of celebration for most important festivals such as Makara Sankranti, Ugadi (Telugu New Year), Sri Rama Navami and Deepavali.

Over the last couple of years, TAM has hosted Ugadi Open Houses on a national scale to which an array of dignitaries including the Malaysian Premier, Deputy Premier and Ministers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have attended as Chief Guests. 

TAM as a cultural organisation also takes great pride in organising special events with reputed personalities from music, cinema, political and administrative arena in this journey of promoting and preserving the rich Telugu Culture and Language in this beautiful land, Malaysia.

Our Mission

Telugu Association of Malaysia realises the importance of uniting the Telugu Community by organising cultural, educational, religious and social activities in order to preserve and promote the Telugu Language and Culture and living in harmony with other communities in Malaysia.

Our Vision

To uphold the dignity and identity of Telugu Community amongst the multi-racial ethnicities in Malaysia.

Our Objective

1. To promote, preserve and safeguard the Telugu language, economic, social, cultural, spiritual, religious and educational interests of the Telugu community in Malaysia.

2. To encourage formation of co-operatives and other welfare schemes including Educational Foundation amongst the Telugu Community.

3. To create a sense of solidarity amongst Telugus and other communities in Malaysia at large.









Yellow : Constitutional Monarchy
Blue : Peace
Green : Unity
Red : Honesty


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